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Support for Texas Instruments Dual Core C2000 Microcontrollers added

We recently added support for the Dual Core versions TMS320F2837xD of the microcontroller provided my TI to our C2000 Bootloader. The bootloader protocol was extended by support for multiple banks, as both cores have separated address spaces.

During startup, the bootloader will check the integrity of the flash content for both cores and will only start the application, if both cores report correct flash memory checksums and the very same application version.

This way, the bootloader will only activate applications that has been flash correctly and which are known to work together correctly.

The size of the bootloader is less than 32kByte and thus consumes just a small fraction of the available flash memory.

The bootloader can be licensed by our customers for their own projects or can be customized by us to suit our customers needs. Get in touch, if you are interested in more details.

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