C2000 Bootloader

C2000 Bootloader

The Torrox bootloader allows the easy, fast, and reliable update and installation of new firmware for C2000 family microcontrollers over the CAN bus.

The bootloader will be configured specifically to your needs at compile time. You give us the parameters (baud rate, pins, etc.) and options that you need for your project and we will return you the bootloader binary along with the corresponding documentation.

Currently the bootloader supports all devices of the TMS320F2806x, TMS320F28003x, TMS320F28004x, TMS320F280015x, TMS320F2837xS, and TMS320F2837xD series. We plan to further expand this list. So if you didn’t found you particular device in that list, contact us to get information as to when we plan to support your device.

Read our data sheet for more details: https://www.torrox.de/datasheet/

Current price list can be found here: https://www.torrox.de/prices/