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C2000 Bootloader

Torrox developed a Bootloader that supports the TMS320F28379S and TMS320F28377D from Texas Instruments C2000 DSP family. The bootloader allows reliable firmware update over the CAN bus. The size of the bootloader is less than 32kByte and thus consumes just a small fraction of the available flash memory. With a default CAN speed of 500,000kbit/s, the installation of new firmware on a device is much faster than by using the original debug probes (like XDS100, XDS200) from TI. This makes the usage of the bootloader even beneficial during the development phase of a project, as it speeds up the usual development cycles by quite a margin. 

The bootloader can be licensed by our customers for their own projects or can be customized by us to suit our customers needs. Just get in touch, if you are interested in more details.

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